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Recommendation 20 jQuery plugin

1. Dynamic tooltip
Very cool tooltip! It’s very well made because it consists of cool transition effects and it also has a transparency and a drop shadow effect.

2. Popup Bubble
Brilliant tooltip! It looks so simple but it has awesome transition effects. This tooltip could be very useful for clean and simple websites.

3. jQuery Horizontal Tooltips Menu Tutorials
Beautifully made tooltip! This tooltip never disappears but follows when you hover over other links. Such a simple looking tooltip but its animation is brilliant.

4. Prototip
A lot of various very good looking tooltips which look awesome and have beautiful effects. Brilliant peace of work!

5. Coda Popup Bubble
Very nice tooltip with cool transition effect and it also has a drop shadow.

6. Awesomeness
Cool tooltip with nice transition effect and cool transparent border around it.

7. TipTip
Beautifully made tooltip with fade in / out transition effects, transparency and drop shadow effect.

8. (mb)Tooltip
Beautifully made tooltip with nice transition for input fields.

9. vTip
Simple but well made tooltip with a fade in transition effect. It has a cool looking border around it and when this tooltip appears, it also follows your mouse.

10. jGrowl
Cool tooltip which appears when you click on the link and then it sticks on the right-top corner of your window, and disappears after some time or when you close it manually by clicking on the close button. It also has fade in / out transition effects.

11. jQuery Ajax Tooltip
Interesting tooltip which can handle image and text together like a mini page. It has a drop shadow effect.

12. Digg-style post sharing tool with jQuery
Cool digg-style post sharing tool. This tooltip could be very useful for social networking website.

13. Input Floating Hint Box
Interesting tooltip with rounded corners for input fields. Tooltip fades in when you click on the input field and fades out when you click somewhere else.

14. Simpletip
Beautifully made tooltip with fade transitions. When you hover over a link, a tooltip fades in just above or below the link.

15. qTip
Very simple but good looking tooltip. This tooltip is available with rounded corners and also as a speech bubble tip.

16. Orbital Tooltip
Interesting tooltip plugin where you can set manually where your tooltip will show up.

17. Inline HTML Tooltip
Cool tooltip with nice transition effects.

18. tipsy
Interesting good looking tooltip which appears above, below, on the right or left side of the link.

19. Easiest jQuery Tooltip Ever
Simple tooltip but it could be useful to display an image when you hover over a link.

20. BsTip
Various simple tooltips with fade in and fade out transition effects and border around them.

Goodbye,my DHU

A month ago, I said goodbye to my alma mater——DHU of China.

A month later, I began to recall my college life.

Compared to ordinary people, my college life is more wonderful.In four years, I have made many new friends from different schools and different organizations.In addition, I also went to many places, such as Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangxi, Hainan, Jiangxi  etc.In the professional field, I also produced three short drama,<Always Be>,<Mikado Legend>,<5021>.In other areas, I also have a lot of progress.

Oh,I almost forgot my four bedroom brothers,they are Zheng Lee, Hongzhu Wang and Qi Tan,our friendship will continue.Once there, I also met the most important person——Sezame.Meeting you was my greatest honor!

Unfortunately, I had not a failing course during the college,Aha~

Now, I miss the  dining hall, classrooms, dormitories, and some bits and pieces of DHU,that I would even miss.Fortunately, I can always go back to my alma mater.

Not goodbye,my DHU.

Page Speed:a web performance testing tool

These days, I had some research on the web performance testing tools and found a very useful and very convenient tool to recommend to you today, it is developed by the google: Page Speed.

What is Page Speed?

Page Speed is an open-source Firefox/Firebug Add-on(you can add it only after you add Firefox 3.0.4  above and Firebug 1.3.3 above). Webmasters and web developers can use Page Speed to evaluate the performance of their web pages and to get suggestions on how to improve them.

How to use Page Speed?

After installed,click the icon at the bottom right corner of Firebug to start it, then you can click the Page Speed tab.Note that, when you want to do a  performance analysis by Page Speed, you must load the page first, then click the “Analyze Performance” button, and  Page Speed will rate each item based on the web performance best practices.Finally, it will array the all items according to importance(as shown above).

Here’s how to interpret the color-code scores:

RED:High priority. These suggestions represent the largest potential performance wins for relatively little development effort. You should address these items first.
YELLOW:Medium priority. These suggestions may represent smaller wins or much more work to implement. You should address these items next.
GREEN: Working fine or low priority. If suggestions are displayed, as indicated with a + sign, they probably represent minor wins. You should only be concerned with these items after you’ve handled the higher-priority ones.
BLUEInformational messages only. Either these items don’t apply to this page or there was a problem in running the test.

ps:the web performance best practices:

1、    Avoid CSS expressions
2、    Combine external CSS
3、    Combine external JavaScript
4、    Defer loading of JavaScript
5、    Enable compression
6、    Leverage browser caching
7、    Leverage proxy caching
8、    Minify JavaScript
9、    Minimize request size
10、    Minimize DNS lookups
11、    Minimize redirects
12、    Optimize images
13、    Optimize the order of styles and scripts
14、    Parallelize downloads across hostnames
15、    Put CSS in the document head
16、    Remove unused CSS
17、    Serve resources from a consistent URL
18、    Serve static content from a cookieless domain
19、    Specify image dimensions
20、    Use efficient CSS selectors
21、    Minify HTML
22、    Minify CSS
23、    Serve scaled images
24、    Avoid bad requests
25、    Specify a character set early

What is the standard?

I’m sorry, there is no official standard.But I am now doing such a thing to share with you:

1, Page Speed Score total score must be 80 or above
2, Serious error not more than three, general error not more than 5
3,The error is not allowed : Avoid CSS expressions, Combine external CSS, Combine external JavaScript, Enable compression, Minify CSS, Minify HTML
4, Allowed error, but must be promptly corrected: Leverage browser caching, Leverage proxy caching, Minify JavaScript, Minimize request size, Optimize images
5, Allowed error, and have time to correct: Minimize DNS lookups, Minimize redirects, Optimize the order of styles and scripts, Parallelize downloads across hostnames, Put CSS in the document head, Remove unused CSS

I’m WJD!A new navigation site was born!

Today,I have a good piece of  news to share with you that my own navigation site was born!Its domain is:

Why did I make this navigation site? My answer is that my Chinese-language blog has been blocked by GFW,so I have enough time to do what I love to do.I would not like my readers to climb over the wall to read my latest articles,and I must make an mirror site in China for them.I was afraid of the mirror site being blocked again,so I decided to make this navigation site to update the newest mirror site against GFW finally.

This navigation site contains many links, example, all my projects and my social sites.In addition, it includes my latest photography work,the google map marked with the places where I have been, my classic quotations (pretend lofty) ,and in the future,I will also add the micro-blog, LBS and other personal information in this navigation site.In a word,you can find me very easily via this navigation site!

Finally, I want everyone to like this navigation site!Thank you very much!

What’s wrong with my twitter?

From last night,I found that has been down(As shown above),then i thought it might be soon restored.However when I opened again,it was still down

How would the world famous site  down for so long time?”Twitter is over capacity.Please wait a moment and try again”was shown on the homepage of Then I press F5 on my keyboard for much times and I failed again and again.

Suddenly ,I thought of a twitter api site ,””. That’s great! I connected with after 24 hours!But my doubt is: why I can login Twitter via api site instead of the  main site?

Finally,I go back to again to find its status,it says:”Twitter Help Center Temporarily Down 16 hours ago”and”Users Cannot Update Profiles 19 hours ago”. It can be concluded that Twitter has much trouble recently,but this conclusion can not answer my doubts~

Did you face the same problem like me these days?What’s wrong with my twitter?

Hello world!

Through the efforts in a period of time, finally meet with you. This is my first blog in English,and I hope dear all can pay attention to it,which is the english version of my chinese-language blog. Here, I will write down more exciting contents.

This blog focuses on web design , user experience , internet marketing , web hosting , etc.You may ask me why I set this English blog?My answer is:

  • Fuck GFW in pratice.
  • I love United States.
  • I would like to train English.
  • My Chinese-language blog shut down.
  • Chinese is unsafe.

In the future, I will do my best to update the blog three times a week.The articles here maybe are no as same as my chinese-language blog.If you are interested in my life, you can also concerned about as follow sites:

  • My Chinese-language blog, can not access in China.
  • My Chinese-language blog in China’s temporary image,future as my navigation site.
  • Future as my navigation site,too.