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My New Year Wishes of 2012

The year 2012 may be a terrorist, no one knows the outcome, but in any case,  everyone should make a wish!

Today is the first day of 2012, at first, happy new year to you and your family. In this special day, I would like to share my new year wishes with you, my friend.

My New Year Wishes of 2012:

  • I wish my health , and same to the people around me.
  • Emotional stability.
  • Very hard work and make money.
  • Salary increase, at least 40%
  • Create a successful product.
  • Make more friends with Internet experts.
  • Go to Tibet to find Noah’s Ark.
  • Except Tibet, go to a place farther away.
  • Get a Tablet PC.
  • $ 500 or more in prize.
  • More books, more movies, more pictures.
  • Shanghai housing prices to decline steadily, to buy a set of.
  • Accelerate the reform of a country.
  • London Olympic Games successfully.
  • National elections, large enough to impact on the world.
  • Improve its image, exercise, return to the young.
  • More rest, more time and space of my own.
  • Time must be adequate.
  • End of the world not to come, but it must be a major reshuffle.
  • Hope 2012 is an extraordinary year.

My wishes is difficult to achieve it? I don’t think so.Let me realize these wishes slowly and slowly in the 365 days of 2012. Thanks for reading!

The last wishes:

My New Year Wishes of 2011

Pictures Broadcast Platform by Tumblr and Instagram

These days, I set up a pictures broadcast platform by Tumblr and Instagram,this is my pictures broadcast platform—— will send more and more live pictures by my iphone app in the future, such as my daily life, breaking news around me and interesting things.

Many people ask me how to build their own pictures broadcast platform?In the first, you must hove an iphone and installed an app named “Instagram“,then you should link your Instagram account to Tumblr, and your make an “A” record link to the Tumblr’s ip address(Almost forgot to say,you must have your won domain link, the only thing you should do is post pictures to Tumblr everytime.All this is so simple for you!

Don’t forget to subscribe my pictures broadcast platform. 🙂

My New Year Wishes of 2011

This English blog has been set up for nearly half a year and I spent a lot of energy here in the past 2010.I will spend more energy here in the new year and your support is my motivation!

Today is the first day of 2011,at first,happy new year to you and your family.In this special day,I would like to share my new year wishes with you,my friend.

My New Year Wishes of 2011:

  • I wish my health , and same to the people around me.
  • Salary increase , slow rising CPI.
  • The prices of shanghai housing  do not rise, and I wish my own home.
  • More of my own time.
  • A variety of emotional stability.
  • Sharon attended more and more and make cattle more and more.
  • Travel at least three times, including the Taiwan travel.
  • Enhance the ability to work.
  • Enhance personal brand.
  • More entertainment and enjoy life!
  • Start buying lottery tickets.
  • Dinner hosted at least one time.
  • Eat less junk food and 5kg weight loss.
  • Buy an ipad.
  • Do not tragic, sad.
  • Improve my image.
  • Sometimes, we do not love peace, let South Korea to achieve reunification!
  • To celebrate the country centenary.
  • Improve the environment and  air can be cheaper.
  • Hope that this is an extraordinary year.

My wishes is difficult to achieve it? I don’t think so.Let me realize these wishes slowly and slowly in the 365 days of 2011.Thanks for reading!

I’m WJD!A new navigation site was born!

Today,I have a good piece of  news to share with you that my own navigation site was born!Its domain is:

Why did I make this navigation site? My answer is that my Chinese-language blog has been blocked by GFW,so I have enough time to do what I love to do.I would not like my readers to climb over the wall to read my latest articles,and I must make an mirror site in China for them.I was afraid of the mirror site being blocked again,so I decided to make this navigation site to update the newest mirror site against GFW finally.

This navigation site contains many links, example, all my projects and my social sites.In addition, it includes my latest photography work,the google map marked with the places where I have been, my classic quotations (pretend lofty) ,and in the future,I will also add the micro-blog, LBS and other personal information in this navigation site.In a word,you can find me very easily via this navigation site!

Finally, I want everyone to like this navigation site!Thank you very much!

Hello world!

Through the efforts in a period of time, finally meet with you. This is my first blog in English,and I hope dear all can pay attention to it,which is the english version of my chinese-language blog. Here, I will write down more exciting contents.

This blog focuses on web design , user experience , internet marketing , web hosting , etc.You may ask me why I set this English blog?My answer is:

  • Fuck GFW in pratice.
  • I love United States.
  • I would like to train English.
  • My Chinese-language blog shut down.
  • Chinese is unsafe.

In the future, I will do my best to update the blog three times a week.The articles here maybe are no as same as my chinese-language blog.If you are interested in my life, you can also concerned about as follow sites:

  • My Chinese-language blog, can not access in China.
  • My Chinese-language blog in China’s temporary image,future as my navigation site.
  • Future as my navigation site,too.