A Gmail Theme: Ever-changing Like the Weather

Today,I find a interesting theme in  gmail——Bus Stop.Have you apply your Gmail Theme before? If yes, you will find an interesting feature in some of their theme. One of them is Bus Stop theme. This theme show you several people are waiting for their bus and sometimes the weather will be changed. That is interesting about it.How to set it?Login Gmail-Settings-Themes-Bus Stop.

Sunny day at the bus stop

The first version of the Bus Stop Gmail Theme features a sunny day at the bus stop. In this version, you will see that the sun is up and the sky is blue. There are only two characters in this version: the little girl in pigtails who is balancing a tower of assorted-flavored ice cream and the young man in business suit who is experiencing a bad hair day with a scoop of ice cream on his head.

Cloudy day at the bus stop

Although it is still blue, the sky is evidently adorned with fluffy clouds that are pushing the sun farther away into the background. The two characters from the sunny version are still at the bus stop: the young man is impatiently staring at his watch while the little girl is happily riding a giraffe. An old man sitting on the green bench, a young jock wearing red sweatpants, and an old lady holding a black purse joins them in the scene.

Rainy day at the bus stop

It’s not always sunny at the bus stop. Sometimes, the rain pours down too. The five characters are not only waiting for the bus to arrive, but also trying their best to deal with the rain: the young man is covering his head with newspapers, the old man and the old lady are using parasols, the young jock is wearing a scuba suit, and the little girl is balancing a tower of umbrellas. A new character is added to this scene: a jacket-wearing black man with a pet bulldog.

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