JiuGongGe diary:write diary as fill in the blanks

In nine size of the grid, he/she this isn’t my dissertation in play “sudoku” game, he/she is writing diary. Recently a month, many white-collar workers are crazy about JiuGongGe diary. JiuGongGe diary was created  by  a Japanese who invented the morning diary.

Since we are busy for work, so we don’t have ant time to write a full diary.We do not even have time to write microblogging!But JiuGongGe diary will not cost us a lot of time to write a diary because you just fill in the blanks in any time of a day! Nine panels, eight questions, the middle one is the weather, every day is like answer this question, you can make a day like everything recorded, need not spend time alone, 3 minutes is enough, is really easy.

In fact do this at a technical level is very simple, not develop software. JiuGongGe feature is simple, just answer the question, can turn the day things basic record, the design doesn’t think can transcend meager and blog.JiuGongGe diary online, so strong repercussions after incredibly only 20 days time, registered users reached 10 million.Now, kaixin001.com has launched this plugin,go and  try it!

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