Hello world!

Through the efforts in a period of time, wjd.in finally meet with you. This is my first blog in English,and I hope dear all can pay attention to it,which is the english version of my chinese-language blog. Here, I will write down more exciting contents.

This blog focuses on web design , user experience , internet marketing , web hosting , etc.You may ask me why I set this English blog?My answer is:

  • Fuck GFW in pratice.
  • I love United States.
  • I would like to train English.
  • My Chinese-language blog shut down.
  • Chinese is unsafe.

In the future, I will do my best to update the blog three times a week.The articles here maybe are no as same as my chinese-language blog.If you are interested in my life, you can also concerned about as follow sites:

  • wjd.name My Chinese-language blog, can not access in China.
  • wjd.im My Chinese-language blog in China’s temporary image,future as my navigation site.
  • wintbros.com Future as my navigation site,too.