What’s wrong with my twitter?

From last night,I found that twitter.com has been down(As shown above),then i thought it might be soon restored.However when I opened twitter.com again,it was still down

How would the world famous site  down for so long time?”Twitter is over capacity.Please wait a moment and try again”was shown on the homepage of twitter.com. Then I press F5 on my keyboard for much times and I failed again and again.

Suddenly ,I thought of a twitter api site ,”tuite.im”. That’s great! I connected with after 24 hours!But my doubt is: why I can login Twitter via api site instead of the  main site?

Finally,I go back to twitter.com again to find its status,it says:”Twitter Help Center Temporarily Down 16 hours ago”and”Users Cannot Update Profiles 19 hours ago”. It can be concluded that Twitter has much trouble recently,but this conclusion can not answer my doubts~

Did you face the same problem like me these days?What’s wrong with my twitter?

Four Words in Our Life

Life comes in a package. This package includes happiness and sorrow, failure and success, hope and despair. Life is a learning process. Experiences in life teach us new lessons and make us a better person. With each passing day we learn to handle various situations.


Love plays a pivotal role on our life. Love makes you feel wanted. Without love a person could go hayward and also become cruel and ferocious. In the early stage of our life, our parents are the ones who shower us with unconditional love and care, they teach us about what is right and wrong, good and bad. But we always tend to take this for granted.It is only after marriage and having kids that a person understands and becomes sensitive to others’ feelings. Kids make a person responsible and mature and help us to understand life better.


Materialistic happiness is short-lived, but happiness achieved by bringing a smile on others’ face gives a certain level of fulfillment. Peace of mind is the main link to happiness. No mind is happy without peace. We realize the true worth of happiness when we are in sorrow. Sorrow is basically due to death of a loved one, failure and despair.But these things are temporary and pass away.


Failure is the path to success. It helps us to touch the sky, teaches us to survive and shows us a specific way. Success brings in money, fame, pride and self-respect. Here it becomes very important to keep our head on out shoulder. The only way to show our gratitude to God for bestowing success on us is by being humble, modest, courteous and respectful to the less fortunate ones.


Hope is what keeps life going. Parents always hope their children will do well. Hope makes us dream. Hope builds in patience. Life teaches us not to despair even in the darkest hour, because after every night there is a day. Nothing remains the same we have only one choice keep moving on in life and be hopeful.

Hello world!

Through the efforts in a period of time, wjd.in finally meet with you. This is my first blog in English,and I hope dear all can pay attention to it,which is the english version of my chinese-language blog. Here, I will write down more exciting contents.

This blog focuses on web design , user experience , internet marketing , web hosting , etc.You may ask me why I set this English blog?My answer is:

  • Fuck GFW in pratice.
  • I love United States.
  • I would like to train English.
  • My Chinese-language blog shut down.
  • Chinese is unsafe.

In the future, I will do my best to update the blog three times a week.The articles here maybe are no as same as my chinese-language blog.If you are interested in my life, you can also concerned about as follow sites:

  • wjd.name My Chinese-language blog, can not access in China.
  • wjd.im My Chinese-language blog in China’s temporary image,future as my navigation site.
  • wintbros.com Future as my navigation site,too.