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Our Top Ten Photos of 2011

Since 2010, we (the master of  wjd.in and gzz.in ) selected our top ten photos and posted them in our blog every year. 2011 must have passed, let us enjoy the Top Ten Photos of 2011!

Photo sharing only, you can click to enlarge.

Title:Tuo River Fisherman
Location:Fenghuang Ancient City
Time:May 30, 2011

Title:The Ray of Sunshine
Location:Tianzifang , Shanghai
Time:February 02, 2011

Title:Spring Flowers
Location:Gu Village Park, Shanghai
Time:April 5, 2011

Title:Century Memory
Location:Taipei Palace Museum
Time:September 27, 2011

Title:Facing the Lhasa
Location:Zhangjiajie , Hunan
Time:May 28, 2011

Title:The Eye of Mordor
Location:Jinjiang Paradise, Shanghai
Time:July 29, 2011

Title:Hot tulip
Location:Botanical Garden, Shanghai
Time:April 9, 2011

Title:I Only Care About You
Location:Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai
Time:March 4, 2011

Title:May the Lord Be With You
Location:Xujiahui Cathedral, Shanghai
Time:November 27, 2011

Title:South of the border
Location:Kenting, Taiwan
Time:September 30, 2011


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Our Top Ten Photos of 2010

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My New Year Wishes of 2011

This English blog has been set up for nearly half a year and I spent a lot of energy here in the past 2010.I will spend more energy here in the new year and your support is my motivation!

Today is the first day of 2011,at first,happy new year to you and your family.In this special day,I would like to share my new year wishes with you,my friend.

My New Year Wishes of 2011:

  • I wish my health , and same to the people around me.
  • Salary increase , slow rising CPI.
  • The prices of shanghai housing  do not rise, and I wish my own home.
  • More of my own time.
  • A variety of emotional stability.
  • Sharon attended more and more and make cattle more and more.
  • Travel at least three times, including the Taiwan travel.
  • Enhance the ability to work.
  • Enhance personal brand.
  • More entertainment and enjoy life!
  • Start buying lottery tickets.
  • Dinner hosted at least one time.
  • Eat less junk food and 5kg weight loss.
  • Buy an ipad.
  • Do not tragic, sad.
  • Improve my image.
  • Sometimes, we do not love peace, let South Korea to achieve reunification!
  • To celebrate the country centenary.
  • Improve the environment and  air can be cheaper.
  • Hope that this is an extraordinary year.

My wishes is difficult to achieve it? I don’t think so.Let me realize these wishes slowly and slowly in the 365 days of 2011.Thanks for reading!