UCD 2010 annual meeting with lovely colleagues

October 30, 2010 in Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, UCD 2010 annual meeting successfully held.This meeting is one of the most famous meetings of the industry in China,I am very fortunate to attend the meeting with my lovely colleagues such as @Jessica  @bunny @fisher @Jeannie @dunhilljj ,you are all too cute!

UCD’s  full name is ‘User Centered Design‘,it means that you should  design decision-making with the user experience the center  in the design process,and it emphasis on user-preferred design pattern.UCD has just been recognized in China and now the number of employees of UCD is not a lot.The title of UCD 2010 annual meeting is “The entire people experience”,which indicates UCD will continue to grow in China.

I can’t say that I learned a lot from the meeting because I would not lie ,but I really learned a way to finishing Requirement in the need stage: Affinity Diagram.The Affinity Diagram is a business tool used to organize ideas and data. It is one of the Seven Management and Planning Tools.The tool is commonly used within project management and allows large numbers of ideas stemming from brainstorming to be sorted into groups for review and analysis.The affinity diagram was devised by Jiro Kawakita in the 1960s and is sometimes referred to as the KJ Method.

Finally, thanks to the company gaving us the  opportunity to go study, to see the world.Looking forward to the next opportunity!Come on!